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Posted by shadow575 on April 6, 2018

It has been far too long since I showed this site a little TLC.  I think in the coming couple of weeks, I will be overhauling Shadow575 and bringing it up to date.  With running full steam ahead right now, I may yet be useful in disseminating information and useless knowledge to the masses.

Look for something new-ish coming soon.






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Posted by shadow575 on January 17, 2018

From the ashes of DMOZ comes  Its been a couple of years now since I last updated this site.  A message from a good friend and former DMOZ editor just saying “hey” sparked some nostalgia senses and I felt compelled to check back in on  It was nice to see old friends still actively working to bring the human side back to the WWW.


There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes at Curlie to dust off DMOZ and bring back the project that was neglected far too long.  I applaud those administrators and techies that have worked hard to get editing restored and bring back the experience that DMOZ always provided.  I am ready to roll the sleeves up and get back to work on the categories I love.  School is firing up again for me (yes old dog, new tricks jokes can be inserted) but I hope to have enough time to give some TLC to those areas I enjoyed working some many hours on for so many years.  Thinking back to the all nighters we used to pull working with the *DMOZ Musketeers and the projects we worked on, brings a smile to my face.  I look forward to seeing some old friends again soon.

Follow the progress at!


*The DMOZ Musketeers were a band of editors who grouped together for specific projects that were interests to members of the group.  These were some of the best editors I knew and am proud to call them friends.  They know who they are. 

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Posted by shadow575 on May 25, 2015

Spent time over the weekend shaking the rust off the editor tools and working around my hometown categories.  Its good to see some familiar faces still hanging around, at the same time many old friends are gone from the project for various reasons.  Still, its good to be back at work and and making progress in the categories I am working in.  Another thing I occupied myself with today, was digging back through old conversations on various forums, boards and chats.  It has been fun looking back at discussions I was apart of on for example 4-5 years ago.  There were some great topics and discussions that were still relevant today.

However, its a good time to get back in and editing again.  There is a ton of local work to be done, not to mention other areas of the directory that are of interest that can use some attention.  It has been fun though, starting out again in one small regional category and migrating all over the directory depending on where the sites have taken me.



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